Until  14 years old, Joëlle promises herself never to leave her small home village in the Swiss German mountains. But everything changes when her father, a former sound and light technician in Circus Monti and Circus Knie (CH), decides to take the whole family on tour with Circus Monti for a season. The caravan life, the travelling, the sense of community, the artists and the shows make this year at the circus the most beautiful year of Joëlle's life. She can't imagine going back home. So her family decides to spend a second season at Circus Monti. Every day Joëlle is training with the artists and every evening she’s watching the show. After more than 100 hours spent as a spectator in the tent, she knows that she wants to become a circus artist.

At the age of 16, she auditions and is accepted at the École Nationale de cirque de Châtellerault (FR). During three years of circus training and high school, she specializes in Chinese pole. She loves this discipline which requires a lot of strength and dynamism. However, she dreams of becoming a hand-to-hand flyer, which motivates her to practice handstands every day. She is very fond of the precision and perseverance that this discipline requires. In 2016, Joëlle is accepted at the National Circus School (ENC) in Montreal where she is able to realize her dream of being a hand-to-hand flyer while continuing to work on the Chinese pole as her secondary discipline. Handstands are also still part of her everyday life.

Joëlle will graduate from ENC in June 2019 with her partner Michael Patterson. Together they present a rhythmic, comical and surprising hand to hand act. Through the play between two extremely different bodies, their complicity, the lightness of their movements and the use of the unexpected, Michael and Joëlle want to astonish the audience, to touch them and to amaze them.

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