Michael was born and raised in London UK, to this day he prides himself in his light-heartedness and  his fun open nature. He’s been active since a young age, started martial arts at the age of five  then later winning a bronze in the taekwondo world championship 2012. 


Michael has always been drawn to performing arts, he had been acting throughout his academic career.  His passion for circus came at the age of eight . By joining Albert & friends instant circus completely by chance, he didn’t run away with the circus, more like he tripped and fell into it. Quickly becoming his favorite hobby, Michael started out learning how to walk on stilts, as many kids did. Later dabbling in unicycle, walking glob, poi and even contact juggling where he could incorporate his hip hop dancing.   His performance experience grew on the streets of London. Performing in hundreds of street shows (mostly in the rain) Combining his love of acting with his new-found hobby of circus.  Street shows  helped Michael to sharpen is performing skills  and above all realised that he loved to entertain people  and much as people loved to be entertained.


Michael had the opportunity   to perform at the Edinburgh fringe festival for several years. He also took part in a variety of youth circus festivals throughout Europe including countries such as Italy, Germany, Estonia and Finland. He also took part in AYCO which was held in Seattle. Through his drive to take his passion more professionally he found Acrobalance

.  Michael had always been a little on the heavier side his whole childhood and naturally started to incorporate some partner acrobatics into his training. This changed everything, he became completely obsessed with it. He scoured the internet in search of videos trying to find new skills to try. This obsession led him to the discovery of hand to hand, he watched everything he could find.  Instead of seeing his weight as disadvantage it became his greatest tool. This new path he set himself on, lead him to train with private gymnastic and hand to hand coaches to further improve his technical skill. The training he undertook for a year and half helped to launch him to the next stage of his career. In 2014 Michael joined École nationale de cirque In Montreal and after four incredible years he was ready to embark on his life as a professional Circus artist.

Since graduation him and his flyer Joëlle have worked for several circus companies like Cirque Éloize, The 7 Fingers, Cirque du Soleil and Monlove and has travelled various places in the world.